Cilantro is best known for its role as an ingredient in fresh homemade salsas. The seeds of the cilantro plant, coriander, are also a popular spice and have quite a different flavor than the leaves. The chopped fresh leaves will add zest to any salad, stew, or stir-fry, especially those with an Indian, Thai, or Mexican theme.

Cilantro is one of the few herbs whose dried leaves do not retain their flavor. It freezes well, though, by placing the fresh leaves in a ziplock bag. Remove the air from the bag, seal it, and freeze it. When using frozen cilantro, do not thaw it first. To store the fresh herb for about a week, stand upright in a glass with about an inch of water and store in the refrigerator. Trim the stems and refresh the water daily. Or you can place a damp cloth around the herbs and put them in the crisper drawer. Do not wash cilantro before you refrigerate it.

Photo by Saucy Salad.

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