Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center is a 50 acre organic vegetable and berry farm located on the banks of the Connecticut River. We have been certified organic since 2003 and operate a farmstand, an on-site farm kitchen, and a coffee shop. As an education center we engage the community to develop and share practices that promote regenerative agriculture, good health, and a resource-rich environment.

Cedar Circle Farm is a place to learn, taste and experience new things, and to meet and get to know your community. It’s a place to strengthen your connection to the food you eat and to the people who grow it. It’s a place where your kids – and you! – can ask questions to become more informed. A place where everyone can be involved and be a part of a larger movement to create a better world.

Our Mission

Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center is dedicated to agricultural scientific research in the public interest and providing agricultural education and training to children, parents, educators, farmers, consumers, students and other member of the public to promote organic, regenerative farming and the transition to a localized food economy, including by producing healthy, organic food for the local economy in a way that enhances resources for future generations.


Prior to 2001, Robert and Marilyn Stone owned the farm for approximately 22 years. Under their tenure, the farm focused on conventionally grown vegetables, flowers, and strawberries, with both wholesale and retail sales. A farmstand was opened for the latter.

The Stones sold the development rights on the farm to the Vermont Land Trust in 1990. Prior to the Stones’ ownership Cedar Circle Farm had been a horse farm and a dairy farm.

Read our land acknowledgment and about the Abenaki Nation’s historical presence on this land here.


​1500 B.C.: Hunter-gathers migrate into the Upper Valley

1500s: Native American inhabitants establish permanent agriculture practices along the Connecticut River

1978: Robert and Marilyn Stone purchase the land and start Cedar Circle Farm

1990: The Stones sell the development rights of the farm to the Vermont Land Trust

2000: Will Allen and Kate Duesterberg take over as farmers

2001: The first growing season with organic practices

2002: Cedar Circle Farm hosts the first annual Strawberry and Pumpkin Festival

2004: Received organic certification through NOFA-VT and started our Community Supported Agriculture Program

2005: Built the Hello Café and held the first Dinner in the Field event

2011: Built a commercial kitchen on the property

2013: Our first wedding and the start of our wedding flower business

2015: The first season for our Homeschool and Little Farmers program

2016: Our first year of summer camp

2016: Created our Research and Development department

2019: Purchased Sunny Fields blueberry patch after 30+ years of leasing

2020: Transition from an LLC to a non-profit organization