“Walking through the farmstand and seeing the rainbow of produce is inspiring, and being able to pick and choose whatever, whenever (with much less waste in our household) was a dealbreaker for us to leave behind the traditional CSA. There is something for everyone at the farmstand, and the flexibility and spontaneity of the card is wonderful. Having a CSA Card is beyond worth it to me. Our family is greatly enhanced by Cedar Circle Farm and we are so thankful to be surrounded by nutritious, organic, and delicious food alongside the amazing people/community of CCF.”

—Amelia, CSA Card member for 4+ years

“The novelty and convenience of the CSA Card appeal to us. Moreover, the card is a way to support our local organic farm. The CSA Card makes shopping healthfully so much easier! We love the educational approach to food–always something new/fun to learn! Also, the transactions go faster and more smoothly.”

—Susan, CSA Card member “since the very beginning”

“A CSA Card is the way to go! For our family, it’s a much more effective way to buy what we need and use what we get. With a traditional CSA, we found no matter how hard we tried, we were wasting food. And, as parents in a busy working family with three kids, we always stressed about picking up our share. Not so with the CSA Card! It seems to us that a CSA card offers all the benefits of a CSA (supporting local agriculture, committing our family to buying and eating local veggies, and a preseason discounted price) with none of the drawbacks of a traditional CSA.”

—Rosi and Dawn