Abenaki Nation Land Acknowledgment

Prepared with the help of Donna and John Moody,
Winter Center for Indigenous Traditions

This is the sovereign homeland of the Abenaki Nation and People. Since ancient times, the Abenaki know that they have always been here, are still here,
and will always be here. We pay our respects to them, and to
the wisdom of their elders and their culture.

Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center is located on the western bank of the Kwanitekw [Connecticut River] in N’dakinna [Our Land] in the middle of the ancient Abenaki Nation homeland which includes Vermont, New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, western Maine, and southern Quebec. Locally, the Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation community is centered here in Thetford and the surrounding area.

We are aware that many newcomer families from Europe, Africa, and Asia who moved or fled to this area and the region were welcomed from the 1600s on and given Indigenous Seeds and Plants, shown the ways of Sogalikan (Maple Sugaring), introduced to many, crucial technologies and ways of living from Canoe, Toboggan, Snowshoe, and Basket Making to ways of Farming, Fishing, and living with and caring for the land, waters, and air in good ways which are still widely practiced in the Abenaki homeland.

We are committed to continuing to learn to care for the land, waters,
and air here in partnership with the many Abenaki Nation peoples
in a better, more respectful way.

This land acknowledgment has been created by and with the
Winter Center for Indigenous Traditions. A longer version can be found here.

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