Pick Your Own


July 1st to September Frost

Our PYO flower garden* offers an abundance of beautiful cutting flowers. Stop in the farmstand for picking instructions, then head to the field to pick. Instructions are also posted by the garden. Please bring your own scissors and containers.

Gladiolus – $6 per lb
Lisianthus – $40 per lb
Sunflowers (large) – $4 per lb
All other flowers and herbs – $16 per lb

Looking for information about PYO wedding flowers? Click here.

Looking for pre-picked Buckets of Blooms to arrange at home? Click here.


September to October


Our Certified Organic orchard features a variety of apples that have never been sprayed. Bring your own containers or check in at the farmstand for a paper bag. The orchard is located down the lane toward the river. Follow the signs to overflow parking and keep going down. The road will curve to the left and you can park by the cabin.

99¢ per pound



Our pumpkin patch opens at the end of September and will remain open through October 31st. Bring all pumpkins to the farmstand to be weighed.

60¢ per lb


mid-July to August


Our organic pick your own blueberry patch is open dawn till dusk and operates on the honor system. The patch is located 1/2 mile south of the farmstand, on Pavillion Road. Park at “Sunny Fields Berry Farm”. You can pay with cash or check in the patch. Credit card and CSA card payments can be processed in the Hello Cafe 8–3 or in the farmstand 9–5.

For the safety of our customers and crew, we always close the patch during thunderstorms.

You are welcome to bring your own containers. Simply grab a pint container that we provide and pick into that first before dumping into your container. Make sure to keep count as you go.


$4.00 per pint


Closed for the Season
8am–until picked out

We grow several varieties of certified organic strawberries, available at different times during the strawberry season. Our pick-your-own hours fluctuate with the weather and the picking conditions, so please check our homepage or call ahead before driving any distance. For the safety of our customers and crew, we always close during thunderstorms.

Please follow the signs to park near the berry patch.

*We love when you bring your own containers, although we do have some available down by the fields.

$4.00/lb, up to 10 lbs picked
$3.75/lb, 10–20 lbs picked
$3.50/lb, 20-50 lbs picked
$3.25/lb, over 50 lbs picked

We highly recommend calling (802) 785-4737 or emailing before coming out to pick. Calling ahead ensures that there is ripe strawberries available before you make the trip.


This year the patch is located at the front of the property. Turn onto the road behind the greenhouses and park in the overflow lot. The patch is directly across from the flower field.

You-Pick Procedures

  1. Head to the pop-up tent to check in. An employee will give you containers and answer any questions. You are welcome to bring your own containers. We will weigh them to get the tare weight before you start picking.
  2. Wash your hands. There will be a hand washing station available for you to wash your hands before beginning picking.
  3. Go pick!
  4. Bring your containers to the pop-up tent where you checked in to pay. You can pay with check, cash, card, or your CSA balance.

You-Pick Etiquette….Please

Wash your hands before picking.

Keep your family together and children close by.

Do not eat while picking.

Respect social distancing.

Wear a mask while interacting with Cedar Circle Farm staff.