Pick Your Own

Strawberries – mid to late June

Flowers – mid-July to early September

Blueberries – mid or late July to August

Apples – late August to October

Pumpkins – October


mid to late June

2023 Price: $5.00 per pound


Our pick-your-own hours are dependent on the weather and the picking conditions, so please check our website or call ahead before driving any distance. For the safety of our customers and crew, we always close during thunderstorms.


Park in the overflow lot and follow the signs to the strawberry field. Limited parking closer to the patch will be available as well, for those who cannot walk longer distances. Coming from the north, turn left just past the greenhouses and follow the road down to the parking lot on your left. From the south, turn right just before the greenhouses.

Picking Procedure

  • Wash your hands up by the farmstand, outside the Hello Café, or use hand sanitizer down at the patch.
  • Bring your containers down to the patch! We’ll have containers for you to use as well.
  • Go pick your berries! The rows with blue flags are open for picking.
  • To pay, bring your containers up to the farmstand. You can pay with a check, cash, credit card, gift certificate, or CSA Card. (Produce Plus CSA members get a 5-10% discount when they use their CSA Card.)

Picking Etiquette

  • Food safety is important to us! Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before picking, and only touch berries that you are going to pick.
  • Keep your family together and children close by.
  • Pick in the rows with blue flags. This is where the berries are more abundant and ready to be picked.


mid-July to September

Explore our beautiful cut flower garden with your friends and family, and harvest organic blooms to take home. A great activity for children during the summer months!

By appointment only for more than 2 buckets.

2024 Prices:

Most flowers and herbs – $20.00 per lb
Large Sunflowers, Broom Corn, Tall Amaranth – $5.50 per lb
Peony – $5.00 per stem

Add-on: Lisianthus – $46.00 per lb - This flower makes a lovely addition to bouquets! We are growing lisianthus in a high tunnel in 2024. When available, it will be pre-picked and in the farmstand for purchase.

Flower Picking Tips

What to Bring

  • Scissors. While we will have a few pairs of scissors available, our supplies are limited! Bring your own if possible.
  • A bucket or container that can hold water for your freshly cut stems. Flowers wilt quickly in the heat and do best when placed directly into water. If you forget to bring a container or don’t have one, we do have small buckets for sale near the pottery area.

Cutting Flowers in the Garden

  • Look for flowers that have freshly opened buds and avoid cutting flowers that haven’t opened yet. Varieties of flowers that produce one blossom per stem (such as zinnias, dahlias or asters) prefer to be cut after the bud has begun to open. Varieties that produce multiple flowers per stem (like snapdragons, larkspur, and delphiniums) prefer to be cut when blooms on the lower 1/3 of the stem have opened. The remaining blooms will continue to open after cutting.
  • Cut the stem of the flower above a new leaf set to encourage branching. To ensure that our gardens continue producing, please do not cut stems longer than 12 inches unless it is a Gladiola or a Sunflower. Gladiolas and Sunflowers can be cut all the way to the ground. Harvesting extra long stems with multiple buds and branching points will count as more than one stem. Lisianthus will have clusters of buds at the top of a stem; in this case, you may cut a stem with buds.
  • Try to find a mixture of textures, colors, and flower varieties, which will add interest to your bouquets. For greenery, look for Bupleurum, Eucalyptus and ornamental grasses.

Keep Your Arrangement Looking Fresh!

  • Discard any foliage that will be below the water level in your vase. Leaves under water will break down quickly and clog up stems resulting in a shorter vase life.
  • Cut your stems on an angle when arranging your flowers in a vase. This will allow the plant to take up more water.


mid-July to August

Our organic pick your own blueberry patch is open dawn till dusk and operates on the honor system. The patch is located 1/2 mile south of the farmstand, on Pavillion Road. Park at “Sunny Fields Berry Farm”.

You can pay with cash or check in the patch. Credit card and CSA card payments can be processed in the Hello Café and farmstand during business hours. While we do accept cash and checks at the blueberry field and collect them frequently, due to recent events we are asking that you please drive to our farmstand and pay there, or mail a check to Cedar Circle Farm if at all possible.

For the safety of our customers and crew, we always close the patch during thunderstorms.

You are welcome to bring your own containers. Simply grab a pint container that we provide and pick into that first before dumping into your container. Make sure to keep count as you go.

2023 Price: $4.50 per pint



Our certified organic orchard features over 20 different varieties of apples that have never been sprayed. For this reason the apples are cooking and juicing quality only, with the exception of a few trees.

We encourage walking to the orchard from the farmstand or the overflow parking lot. If you do need to drive and park at the orchard for accessibility reasons, please park on the lawn in front of the orchard, not in the road.

A lot of the fruit is pretty high up in the trees. Ladders and climbing the trees are prohibited, however, a couple of apple picking poles are available for you to use. Please feel free to bring your own!

2023 Price: 99¢ per pound

The pears and plums did not fare well with the excessive rainfall this season. If you see any that you would like to harvest, you may do so for the same price as the PYO apples, $0.99/lb.



Our pumpkin patch is open for the month of October. Please bring all pumpkins to the farmstand to be weighed during business hours.

75¢ per lb

Pumpkin Patch Location
From the farmstand’s back entrance and the Hello Café, walk down the dirt road to your left. The public pumpkin patch is the first one on your left, as you walk away from the farmstand and towards the river. If you pass a little shack, also on your left, you’ve gone too far! It’s a bit of a walk, so feel free to bring one of our wagons down with you.

Dog Policy
Dogs are not allowed on the farm’s grounds, with the exception of service dogs that have been trained for public access and to perform specific tasks for a person with a disability.