Summer Day Camp

​Monday–Friday, 9am to 4pm
1-week sessions July 9–August 17

Tuition: $290 per week*

Cedar Circle Farm Day Camp is a unique program for children ages 6–11.

Kids can come for one week, or sign up for all six weeks. Each day of camp is new and exciting with the opportunity to choose their own activities!

*There are discounts for multiple weeks, siblings, and early bird registration (Mar. 1). Scholarships are no longer available as of June 2018.

2018 Camp Details

At Cedar Circle Farm, we believe that children learn best when their curiosity is encouraged, and they’re allowed to investigate their new ideas. We pair fun with learning while getting our hands dirty.

Adventures along our riverbank, forest, and farm fields will broaden their world and nurture their appreciation for the ecosystems of Vermont and develop a stronger sense of appreciation for farm fresh food.

Experienced staff guide campers through their day in small groups of ten campers or fewer. Every day, campers choose their own activities. There will be ongoing projects that campers will be able to choose to be involved in. Some of these projects and activities may include:

  • collecting eggs from the hen house
  • gathering and identifying insects
  • cooking in our cob oven
  • crafting musical instruments from natural objects
  • fishing on the riverbank
  • harvesting fruits and vegetables from our fields and gardens for a snack
  • making ice cream with berries we pick from the farm
  • pressing flowers or sculpting flowers into bouquets
  • experimenting with different types of soil

Safety, fun, and community building are the themes we use to structure our education programs. We hope that children who come to the farm will develop a strong sense of belonging and ownership over this place we cherish. We want kids to taste fresh, wholesome food and learn how farmers work hard to grow it without harming the ecosystems we all depend on. Most of all, we want kids to get outside, play, investigate their surroundings, and have fun.

Junior Counselors

Junior Counselors (JCs) are an invaluable part of the Cedar Circle Farms Summer Day Camp experience. JCs work alongside our educational team and will play an integral role each day. We are looking for passionate, mature, and responsible young adults (at least 14 years of age) who will enjoy working with children and flexing their leadership skills in a fun, outdoor, farm-based day camp.

Our Junior Counselors will bring fun to the camp, while working hard as mentors and growing their leaderships skills. JCs will fill their time at the farm in many dynamic roles, including helping set up activities, assisting Educators, supporting campers, and just being awesome role models!

JC’s are considered non-paying campers. We require the application form to be filled out completely in order to be eligible for consideration.

Become a Junior Counselor!

Our JC program runs all 6 weeks of Farm Camp (July 9–August 17, 9am–4pm), and we’re looking for JCs who can commit to serving all five days of at least one camp week.

As part of the JC application, you (the prospective Junior Counselor) and your parents are required to complete the form together. Please take some time to answer the questions on the form for us. Mostly we want to hear about why you want to spend a week (or more) as a Junior Counselor.

After we receive your application, we will set up a time to speak with you over the phone and call the reference you provide for us. Priority will be given to applicants in the order in which they are received.

If you have any questions about the program, please call us at (802) 785-4737 or email


“[My daughter] loved the fact that the entire camp took place outside. I think she most enjoyed making food and learning new songs.”

“I was very happy with the camp - he came home happy and excited every day, I really liked that he CHOSE to participate in harvesting and cooking projects, knot-tying, etc… It also warmed my heart to hear him singing camp songs in his bed at night - very very sweet.”

“On the last day of camp, he was asking to be signed up again for next year! He never complained about going and never asked to stay home.”

Photo by Ben DeFlorio