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Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center is a private nonprofit organization and does not receive state or federal funding. As an organization we rely on the generosity of our local community, grants and gifts to support our mission of research and education.

Through the Education Center, Cedar Circle hosts education programs which include summer camps, school field trips, preschool programs, classes for homeschoolers, and workshops for adults.
Through our Research and Development Department, Cedar Circle is re-evaluating our soil management system, increasing our commitment to no-till and minimum-till farming, and transitioning the farm to a regenerative organic production model.

Through education programming, we are committed to increasing consumer awareness, empathy, and conscientious decision-making in order to cultivate support of regenerative agriculture in our local and global community. In our agricultural activities, Cedar Circle Farm promotes organic, regenerative farming and the transition to a localized food economy. Our farm produces healthy, organic food for the local economy in a way that enhances resources for future generations.

Thank you for your support!