Cut Flower Garden

Explore our beautiful cut flower garden and harvest organic blooms for bouquets and arrangements!

Our 3/4-acre, certified organic flower garden is filled with native, pollinator friendly, edible, and medicinal annual and perennial plants and flowers. From bee balm, cosmos, larkspur, and zinnias in late June to amaranth, celosia, and sunflowers in the fall, you’ll find over 75 different varieties in the garden over the course of the season.


  • Pick Your Own: A great activity for children, families, and people of all ages during the summer months! Open to the public from July 12 through the end of September or the first frost.

  • Event and Wedding Flowers: Buckets of blooms to brighten your celebration! Pick your own or have us harvest for you.

  • PYO Bouquet CSA: Harvest weekly bouquets for 8 weeks of the summer!

  • Pre-Picked Bouquets: Find Cedar Circle bouquets in our farmstand and at our vendor booth at farmers’ markets (Lebanon and Norwich).

  • Wander: Even if you’re not picking flowers, the garden is open for you to enjoy throughout the season. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells, or see how many plants and pollinators you can identify!


Our cut flower garden is certified organic, with a combination of certified organic and non-treated seeds and plant materials. We use only organic methods and products in our fields.


We use a combination of soil improvement methods and products, such as mulch, compost, reduced tillage practices, rotation, and cover cropping to improve soil fertility and reduce our reliance on bought-in nutrient sources. However, organic fertilizer additions are necessary for healthy productive crops.

Pest Control

In organic production, natural and plant-based (non-chemical) pesticides can help control pests such as disease, insects and fungus. We practice crop management methods that help us to avoid pesticide use when at all possible, instead relying heavily on beneficial insects and insect netting in the garden to reduce pest pressures.

Perennial Transition

As a community farm and education center, we are continually evolving our growing practices to ensure we deliver on our mission to support organic, regenerative farming and the transition to a localized food economy. In fall 2023, we began to transition a portion of the cut flower garden to a perennial production system. Read more about this exciting transition.