What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a business model for local farms selling food directly to their community—a partnership between community members and farmers to share in the bounty and the risks of farming.

Members make a financial investment in our farm in the winter or spring, when input costs are high (in order to fund necessary tools, labor, soil amendments, and seeds for the season) and income is low between the growing seasons. In return for their investment, CSA members enjoy savings on fruit, vegetables, baked goods, meals, plants, and bouquets.

The CSA model reduces a farm’s need for middlemen and often-restrictive bank loans during the lean months, thus creating a more resilient local economy and food system.

GENERAL CSA // I have gotten a traditional CSA box in the past. Which CSA do you recommend?

We recommend a Produce Plus (P+) CSA Card because it is the best deal for produce enthusiasts. On top of the 10% discount on spending credit, this debit-style card comes with additional perks for the entire calendar year: a bonus discount on CCF-grown produce, member-only sales, early access to our PYO fields, and weekly emails with harvest updates, specials, and recipes.

GENERAL CSA // Are there Early Bird benefits?

When Produce Plus CSA Card members sign up and pay in full before the early bird deadline, February 25, 2024 in addition to the 10% discount on spending credit they will get an extra 10% off all Cedar Circle-grown produce for the entire calendar year. (The bonus produce discount is reduced to 5% when you register between February 26 and June 1).

GENERAL CSA // Do I have to pay online, or can I use cash or a check?

If paying with cash or check is easier for you, that is totally fine! We can help you purchase your CSA in the farmstand during operating hours. If you’d like to pay before we are open for the season, please give us a call. We are more than happy to work with you.

GENERAL CSA // Can I use my CSA card to buy another CSA or to pay for educational programs?

Your card can be used to buy anything we sell in the farmstand or at farmers’ market, but cannot be used to pay for tuition-based education programs (like summer camp) or another CSA. You can, however, use it to pay for our Little Farmers Program.

CSA CARD // What are the benefits of a CSA Card?

First and foremost, you’ll save money when you use your CSA Card for purchases at the farm, café, and farmers’ markets! All CSA Cards come with a 10% discount on spending credit. For example, we’ll add $250 of spending credit to your CSA Card when you pay $225.

The Produce Plus CSA Card also comes with special perks, valid for the season you sign up: a bonus produce discount, member-only sales, early access to our PYO fields, and weekly emails with harvest updates, specials, and recipes. The bonus produce discount is the best perk, in our opinion.

CSA CARD // What produce do I get with my card and will there be a pickup list?

One major benefit of our CSA Card option is that you can choose any products you want, in whatever quantities work best for you. Whether you stock up on your favorites a few times per season or come in weekly for your regular shopping, the choice is yours!

CSA CARD // After I sign up, where and when do I get my card?

Our CSA Cards are virtual! There’s technically a physical card and number attached to your membership, but you don’t need to have the card with you in order to use it.

That said, our CSA registration system requires manual processing during business hours, Monday to Friday. It takes time for us to receive your order confirmation and add value to the card. Please feel free to call 802-785-4737 or email growing@cedarcirclefarm.org to make sure the funds are available before coming to the farm to use your card.

If you have had a CSA card in the past, when you sign up for a new season we will add the value you purchased onto your existing card. Your new balance will be available to you when we open for the season.

CSA CARD // When and where can I use my card?

You can come to the farm anytime we’re open and use your flexible, debit-style CSA Card to purchase anything we sell in the farmstand, greenhouses, and Hello Café. You can also use it for our online order program and delivery to New Hampshire, as well as at our booths at the Norwich and Lebanon farmers’ markets.

You don’t even need to have the card with you––our CSA Card system is all virtual so we’ll simply look up your name in our system and deduct from your CSA Card balance.

CSA CARD // What if I use up all the money on my card?

To continue reloading your card in increments of $225 and to gain the benefits of the CSA program in 2024, you will need to renew through our website or in the farmstand before the signup deadline (June 1, 2024).

Simply ask at the farmstand register to “add value” to your card. Pay by credit card, cash, or check.

CSA CARD // What if I don’t use up the balance on my card by the end of the year?

While we do encourage you to use up all the funds on your card by the end of the calendar year, we understand that it’s not always possible. Your remaining balance does roll over to the following year, however, CSA member benefits expire at the end of each year.

To continue reloading your card in increments of $225 and to gain the benefits of the CSA program in 2024, you will need to renew through our website or in the farmstand before the signup deadline (June 1, 2024).

CSA CARD // What if I go away during the summer or I’m not able to come in for a week or two?

One of the best perks of our CSA Card is its flexibility—it’s totally fine to skip weeks! While we love seeing you every week or even every day, you can use the card whenever it is most convenient for you.

BOUQUET CSA // When does the PYO Bouquet CSA begin?

The Summer PYO Bouquet CSA starts on July 12, 2024.

BOUQUET CSA // How many weeks long is the CSA? When does it end?

In 2024, the CSA runs for 8 weeks, from July 12 to September 5. There will be extra picking in August, when the flowers are abundant.

BOUQUET CSA // How many stems can I pick each week?

As a PYO Bouquet CSA member, you can pick 25 stems per week.

BOUQUET CSA // Is there anything I should bring from home when I come to the farm to pick my flowers?

If you have scissors and a bucket or other receptacle for your lovely blooms, we would appreciate you bringing them with you! If not, we’ll have some available in the farmstand.

BOUQUET CSA // What if I can’t make it to the farm every week?

We cannot pro-rate the cost of the CSA, but you can have someone else pick for you! Make sure they know to check in at the farmstand, where they should give us the name associated with the CSA. You may be able to pick extra flowers later in the summer when our crop is bountiful, but please check in with one of our staff first!

DINNER CSA // When does the Friday Night Dinner CSA start?

The Summer Share begins on the last Friday in May (May 31, 2024). The Fall Share starts the first Friday in November (November 1, 2024).

DINNER CSA // When are the dinner pickups?

Dinner pickups are on select Fridays after 2:00 p.m. until the close of business. In 2023, meals delivered to Lyme can be picked up at the Lyme Country Store after 3:00 p.m. (2024 delivery time to be announced.)

  • Summer Share members pick up their meal on the last Friday of every month from May to October.

  • Fall Dinner Share members pick up every Friday from the first week in November through mid-December, with no pickup the week of Thanksgiving.
DINNER CSA // What if I can’t make it to the farm during business hours on Friday, the pickup day?

That’s no problem! It’s great if you can call or email to let us know that you can’t pick up your share on Friday, and we’ll hold the share until you can get to the farm during business hours. Of course, the meal is the most fresh on the day it is made, but most will last for about a week before spoiling.

If you don’t pick up your share on Friday and we haven’t heard from you, we’ll give you a friendly reminder call on the weekend.

Note: In November and December, the farmstand is only open Thursday-Sunday. If you can’t make it to the farm by Sunday evening, please contact our Kitchen Manager to make alternative arrangements for pickup.

DINNER CSA // What if I will be out of town for a week? Can I get a refund?

While we cannot offer refunds or prorate the cost of the Dinner CSA, you can have someone else pick up the dinner for you!