Is a CSA Card a good fit?

Answer “yes” to these questions and chances are
you’d love a CSA Card!

Do you want to eat healthy, seasonal, organic food?
Having a refrigerator full of fresh, organic food from the farm is great way to get more veggies into your diet and to push yourself to get creative in the kitchen. It helps you eat with the seasons, enjoying each crop at its peak.

Do you want to be part of a community and know where your food comes from?
We love it when you come to our farmstand, chat with us, ask questions, hang out in our coffee shop, meet up with friends, and spend time with other people who love good food. We’d love for you to join our community!

Do you want to save money on grocery bills?
With a CSA Card, you end up saving at least 10% on everything you buy on the farm. With a Produce Plus Card, your savings can be closer to 20%!

Do you want to reduce waste in your refrigerator?
Many of our CSA members report wasting less than they did with a traditional CSA. Each week, you can pick up what you know you can use. If you’re away for the week, you don’t need to come in at all, but if you have a big event like a family reunion planned, you can come in to get food for 30!

Do you have a busy or inconsistent schedule?
One of the main reasons we offer CSA cards is that our members like the flexibility of being able to come to the farm at their convenience, rather than on a set pick-up day. According to some of our 2018 members, the flexibility made for a much less stressful CSA experience!

Do you want your kids to eat more veggies (and learn to love them!)?
We’ve seen a lot of kids get pretty excited about picking out and eating their CSA veggies. We’ve found that when kids engage with “their farm”, they’re much more likely to enjoy the veggies on their plates. Nothing makes us happier than CSA kids coming into the farmstand looking for kale!

Do you want to support the local economy?
When you join a CSA, you’re helping to strengthen the community, support local business, and create jobs.