Growing Practices

Cedar Circle Farm has been certified organic since 2003. We follow the organic standards of Vermont Organic Farmers LLC (VOF), a USDA accredited certification program of NOFA-VT.

Beyond organic, though, we believe that it’s important to hold ourselves to a higher standard and strive to farm in the way that is best for our land, our employees, and our community.

Sustainability Goals

Our Sustainability Goals are some of the things we strive to do to go beyond organic.

  • To be exceptional stewards of our whole farm ecology.

    Beyond our commitment to Organic practices, we invest in methods and materials to achieve a higher standard of sustainability. We prize our farm’s natural relationship with organisms, staff, and community.

  • To hold our staff as the most essential part of our farm.

    Our staff is a reflection of our community. We respect, develop, and compensate our staff to the highest possible level.

  • To be accountable for the life cycle of our purchases and to support socially and environmentally responsible suppliers.

    We source from partners who share our deep commitment to producing sustainably. In addition, we invest in ways to minimize our own generated waste.

  • To be at the cutting edge of energy conservation.

    We have a great responsibility to the community at large to invest in approaches that reduce our energy inputs and create more efficient systems.

  • To make innovative contributions to the greater food and farming movement.