Little Farmers

A wonder-filled program for ages 2-5 and their grownups!

​About the Program

Summer - May to October

Winter - November to December

Spring - Stay tuned!

What Little Farmer families are saying about the program

About the Program

Little Farmers is a wonder-filled program for ages 2-5 and their grownups, where we explore the farm, the food we grow, and our relationships with the natural world. Together, we connect sensory place-based experiences to the changes on the farm throughout the seasons. We think, express, understand, and build experiences that give meaning to our world.

Providing our Little Farmers with unstructured and open-ended activities allows them to explore, build confidence, and become comfortable with mistakes. We strive to offer open-ended learning and materials, allowing our Little Farmers to choose how they use different activities and materials. We remember that messes are often part of the process, and we find ways to allow Little Farmers to make messes so they understand that they have support in their explorations.

Given the opportunity to explore, Little Farmers learn and grow socially and emotionally. When they engage in the creative process, they enjoy the process of making and doing – it is not so much about what the end product turns out to be or if there is even an end product. Focusing on the journey instead of the finish line allows us to enjoy the scenery, make stops when necessary, and take inspiring detours, reaching our destination feeling more fulfilled.

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Winter: November-December 2023

This program is geared towards ages 2-5. You are welcome to attend for the full or partial hour; whatever is best for your child.

Dates: Tuesdays in November & December
Class Time: 10:00–11:00 a.m.

Class Fees

Per Class, Sliding Scale Fee

  • $10 per child** covers approximately 50% of our Little Farmers true programming costs for one participant
  • $20 per child covers 100% of our Little Farmers true programming costs for one participant
  • $30+ per child covers more than 100% of our true program costs and pays it forward to our general education scholarship fund

**If any of our programming is cost-prohibitive or a challenge for you, please reach out to discuss a lesser sliding scale pricing or financial aid.


Please pre-register when possible so that we may inform you if there is a change or cancellation due to weather conditions and safe travel considerations.

Education Program Health Policies: Please click here to read our policies regarding illness and COVID-19.

Summer: May to October 2023

Little Farmers is held weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, from May through October 31st.

Ages 2-3*

• Tuesdays, 10:00–10:45 AM (ages 2-3)
• Fridays, 10:00–10:45 AM (ages 2-3)

Ages 3-5*

• Tuesdays, 11:00–11:45 AM (ages 3-5)
• Fridays, 11:00–11:45 AM (ages 3-5)

*We believe strongly in the benefits of mixed-age groups. Our age guidelines are recommendations for families who wish to bring their little ones to a program time with the potential to have similar ages and individualizations. We welcome you to attend either time with your 2-5 year-olds to suit your needs and schedules.

Education Program Health Policies: Please click here to read our policies regarding illness and COVID-19.

Little Farmers Family Feedback

Here’s what Little Farmer families had to say about the program:

  • “We love the hands-on experience. My child attends the program quite frequently, and every session is fantastic. We feel fortunate to have the Little Farmers program in our community. So far, my child’s favorite lesson was picking tomatoes: it was easy for her to choose colors and harvest independently.”

  • “We love all of it! Ice cream making, bug catching, flower picking, storytime.”

  • “We enjoy connecting with other local families. We enjoy the community and seeing friendly, familiar faces. We appreciate all the time and thought put into the program. I’ve been attending for over eight years. First as a nanny and now a parent for the last four years. We appreciate the teachers’ dedication and thoughtful additions. They are kind, sweet, and invested. We enjoyed the blueberry whipped cream. That was fun and silly!”

  • “My son loves going rain or shine. He talks about Cedar Circle all week. It is a 45-minute drive, and he has convinced his grandparents that they must take him if they are watching him. Now, his grandparents have fallen in love with spending Friday mornings at Cedar Circle and enjoying a cup of coffee/sandwiches.”

  • “We love the free and open nature of the class. We can exchange spontaneous conversations and interests. We love the tractor rides”.

  • “We love the tractor rides. We love the direct connection with food, whether berry picking or pickle making. Our 3yo came home and requested we turn cucumbers from our garden into pickles. He completed the process entirely independently.”

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