Homeschool on the Farm

A curiosity-filled, place-based science and agriculture program for homeschooled students ages 6-9.

Homeschool on the Farm is an inquiry-based program where students ages 6-9 use the farm as their outdoor classroom—exploring the production fields, forested areas, orchards, and riparian areas along the Connecticut River.

Students build their science literacy as they explore, through making observations, generating questions, collecting and analyzing data, and reflecting on their peers’ investigations and questions. During our time together, we think critically about important questions, such as: How does food grow? What do plants need to survive? Why are seeds so important? What is soil and why do plants need it? Who are pollinators and what happens during pollination? And what is healthy food and how do I cook it?

Lessons are multidisciplinary as we engage in scientific thinking through cooking, harvesting, art, writing, physical movement, and more. Lessons are also in alignment with Vermont’s adopted Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards practices. Please visit our Learning Standards Document for more information on how this program aligns with learning objectives.

Class Dates & Times

Class Structure & Themes

Tuition & Financial Aid

Class Dates & Times

September–December, 2024

1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

  • September 4th, 18th
  • October 2nd, 16th
  • November 6th, 20th
  • December 4th

Class Structure & Themes

Click here to see two in-depth sample lessons/days.

  1. Drop-Off & Free Exploration (15-minutes)
  2. Circle (30 minutes)
  3. Harvest & Make Snack (45 minutes)
  4. Group Game (15 minutes)
  5. Lesson (1 hour)
  6. Closing Circle (15 minutes)
  7. Pick up (5 minutes)


  • Farming
  • Healthy Eating & Cooking
  • Plant Life Cycle
  • Soil & Composting
  • Seeds
  • Pollination
  • Forests and Edge Habitats
  • Watersheds and Riverways

Tuition, 2024

$280 per semester ($40 per class)

We strive to make our education programs accessible to all families. If homeschool tuition is cost-prohibitive or challenging for your family, please contact us to discuss sliding scales, payment plans, or financial aid.

Financial Support Info

If you have any questions, please email or call (802) 785-4737.

Withdrawals, Refunds & Cancellations

If after the first class you decide that the program is not a good fit for your child, we will refund the tuition for the remaining sessions, minus a $15 processing fee. Refunds will not be given after the start of the second week. If the minimum number of participants (5) is not met by Friday, Aug 30th, 2024, we will cancel the program and issue 100% reimbursement.