Education Center

We offer a variety of education programs: cooking for middle schoolers, homeschool farm science, Little Farmers (pre-k), school programs, summer day camp, summer science, tours, and other workshops.

About Our Educators

Eric Tadlock is our Education Programs Manager. Over the last fifteen years, Eric has worked in the field of experiential education within schools and outdoor education centers. He has worked with hundreds of homeschooling families, helping students to learn about ecology and agriculture through hands-on, inquiry-based investigation. His pedagogy is influenced by the works of Howard Gardner, John Dewey, Socrates, Rudolf Steiner, and Jean Piaget.

Lizzie Grabowski is our Lead Educator for the 2018 season. Lizzie has experience as both a field crew member and education and outreach programs coordinator at Dickinson College’s organic farm in Carlisle, PA. With a background in biology and food studies, Lizzie strives to help shape the next generation of farmers, thinkers, and eaters through meaningful interactions with their environment and the food that fuels them.

Photo by Ben DeFlorio