Education Center

From the beginning, Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center set out to train new and aspiring farmers and to raise public awareness about the benefits of local organic agriculture.

From cooking classes, farm tours, festivals and on-farm demonstrations our education outreach has grown to include summer day camp, homeschool farm science, Little Farmers, field trips, and workshops. Approximately 500 kids come to visit our farm every year.

​Summer Day Camp

Little Farmers Preschool Program


Cooking for Middle Schoolers

Field Trips

Homeschool Program

At-Home Activities

About Our Educators

Nora Seymour is our Education Programs Manager. She holds a M.S. in Environmental Education from Southern Oregon University and a B.S. in Sustainable Food and Farming from UMass Amherst. Over the past decade Nora has worked as an educator at a variety of farms, schools, and nonprofits with students ranging from preschool to adults. She is excited to continue sharing her passion for good food, and the ways it can help us learn about our ecosystem and inspire us to protect it.

Molly McBride is our Education Lead. She has worked on a number of farms, both with livestock and in vegetable and flower production. Molly recently completed a fellowship at the Dartmouth Organic Farm, where she focused on student engagement and daily operations, as well as food systems education and food access efforts. She loves that farming necessitates and encourages observation and experimentation, and there is always more to learn! As an educator, Molly prioritizes having fun and values forming personal relationships with people and place.