This Week at the Farm: Celebrating Soil, Storage, and Looking Ahead

Before we cover what’s going on at the farm, we think it’s important to remember what’s going on right underneath our feet as we celebrate World Soil Day! This official holiday, designated by the UN, is a way to raise global awareness about the importance of healthy soil and the sustainable management of soil resources.

As Cedar Circle Farm transitions to a regenerative organic farming model, we have renewed our commitment to improving the health of our soils, with the goal of producing more nutrient-dense food for our community. You can read more about the benefits of healthy soil here.

In the Farmstand

Our fall veggies are holding up really well this year! Although there are only two weekends left in the season, you’ll still find potatoes, red and yellow onions, garlic, winter squash, celeriac, radishes, carrots, parsnips, and turnips. We even have fresh spinach and kale, to add a little green to your shopping basket.

End of Season Sales!

The end of the season is a great time to shop here at the farm—we’ll be closed for the next four and a half months, so make sure to stock up on storage vegetables, local meats for your freezer, and lovely handmade decorations!

  • 10% off all bought-in grocery items
  • 10% off all frozen meat
  • 10% off carrots, through December 8
  • 20% off cabbage
  • 25% off dried bouquets
  • 25% off dried grapevine wreaths
  • 30% off winter squash when you buy 30 pounds or more
  • 30% off onions when you buy 20 pounds or more

Using and Storing Fall Veggies

Stock up on root vegetables and winter squash and store them in a cold, dark place—they will generally keep for another month or two. Onions and potatoes will store even longer, if the conditions are right. (Make sure to sort through them periodically and throw out any that are starting to rot or sprout!)

You can also spend time making all sorts of soups and stews to eat now or freeze for later. This Zesty Carrot Bisque is delicious!

Holiday Decorations and Gifts

While pie pumpkins and Gilfeather turnips could make great gifts for the holidays (ha!), we also have a variety of farm-made food products, dried bouquets, dried grapevine wreaths, and Cedar Circle merchandise!

If you’re not sure what to get for someone who loves shopping local and eating organic, we also sell gift certificates! Just ask one of our farmstand staff members for more info.

Things to Look Forward To This Winter

After the farmstand closes for the season, the farm is still open! Our managers and year-round staff are in the office during the week, and we’re also running a couple education programs over the winter.

Fire Cider Workshop

On Wednesday, January 22, join Meredith for another session of the Making Fire Cider Workshop. Learn different recipes and make your own batch to bring home, as you learn about how it works and its history.

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Cooking Class

Starting January 27, our next class of Cooking for Middle Schoolers will spend 6 weeks preparing or the Vermont FEED Junior Iron Chef Competition in Burlington, VT. The class will meet at the farm on Mondays from 3:30–5:15 pm (no class on February 17).

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Thank you for all of your support this season, and always. We hope you’ll stop by the farmstand this weekend or next, to say goodbye before we close for the season!

See you at the farm!

––From all of us


December 6: Fall hours; Farmstand open, 12–6 pm.
December 7: Fall hours; Farmstand open, 10–3.
December 8: Fall hours; Farmstand open, 10–3.
December 13–15: Final weekend! Farmstand open.
January 22: Fire Cider Workshop, 5:45–7:15 pm.
January 27: Cooking for Middle Schoolers begins, 3:30–5:15 pm.

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