Scallions: All About Them

Scallions, or green onions, are a fresh, mild member of the onion family, but unlike other onions, scallions never develop a true bulb. Scallions are usually the earliest member of the onion family to make an appearance in the spring, and are a welcome addition to spring salads, stir fries, omelettes, and more.

While the texture and flavor of scallions is somewhat different from that of onions, they can often be used as a substitute in recipes if onions are not available.


  • Cutting scallions on a sharp angle or into thin strips is a nice alternative to the common scallion rings.
  • The whole scallion is edible—you could even grill them up with the roots still on, as long as you make sure to wash them really well.
  • If your recipe calls for just the white or just the green part of the scallions, don’t toss the rest! If you can’t use it right away, put it in the freezer to use later in stock or another recipe. If you just need to use the greens, put the bulbs, roots down, in a mason jar with a little bit of water, place in a sunny window, and let them regrow!


Scallions generally store quite well for several days in the crisper drawer. However, if you have space in your fridge and really want to keep them crisp, try removing the rubber band and putting them root side down in a jar filled with about an inch of water. Then, cover them with a plastic bag and use throughout the week. For longer term storage: wash, slice, and freeze.


  • Slice in half the long way, and place in a preheated cast iron pan in the oven with plenty of oil and salt. A hot oven, around 400º, works well, but keep an eye on them as they do brown quickly!
  • Toss scallions with a bit of olive oil and grill them up with your other veggies.
  • Make scallion pancakes (either Chinese cong you bing or Korean pajeon). With just a few ingredients this classic snack is super tasty and a fun way to use up extra scallions in your fridge.

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