The Year in Review: Thank you for being a member of our community

This season began with a set of challenges that no one expected. There was no playbook for any of the new changes our world faced. We took a little time to figure things out to make the necessary adjustments for operating the farmstand and café and you all were immensely patient and supportive through it all! We can’t say thank you enough! Like many local farms we felt your support on a daily basis. Your regular visits and and shopping kept us going, reminding us that the challenges we faced were worth enduring. Now that we’re on the other side of our 2020 season we feel like our bond with our community is stronger than it’s ever been. Again, thank you.

2020 made us shift a lot and it can not be understated how resilient our staff were this year. The farmstand obviously overcame the challenge of serving the public under COVID restrictions, the production crew battled and won a war with a record drought, our wedding flower staff found innovative ways to connect with their wedding parties, the kitchen brightened our days with delicious treats, I could go on and on… The staff at Cedar Circle are one of a kind and we are forever grateful to them.

2021 holds a lot of promise. We’ve learned how to operate our farmstand with safety measures, we have adapted our education programs to run in the COVID era, we’re going to have more plants in the spring for the heightened interest in gardening, and we’ll always be working to regeneratively grow some of the best organic produce available in the Upper Valley. We’re looking forward to a little well-deserved rest this winter, but we’re also very hopeful and excited for 2021 and the promise of good health for all of us and our soil.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, from all of us at Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center!

-Eric, Nic, Kate, Will, Taylor, Gail, Paige, Meredith, Michelle, Leona and the Cedar Circle Farm Team

The Year in Review

The Year in Numbers

448 CSA Members

5 Acres in No-Till Agriculture

170 Kids in Education Programming

13 Wedding Flower Orders

120 Thanksgiving & Holiday Orders

3,286 Quarts of Strawberries Sold

2,761 Lattes Sold

143,413 Cookies Sold​

End of the Season Checklist

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