Meet Celeste!

AL- How long have you been at Cedar Circle Farm?
CP- This is my third season working in the Cafe at Cedar Circle Farm. What can I say I’m hooked!

AL- When/where did you learn how to be a barista?
CP- I started working in coffee when I was just a teenager in North Carolina with Counter Culture Coffee Roasters in Durham. From there it has been one shop to the next moving from roasting to behind the bar. I have enjoyed every part of making and serving coffee for years and I am delighted to work with such a beautiful machine as the manual pull Astoria that we have at Cedar Circle Farm

AL- What’s your favorite part of your job?
CP- My favorite part of being a barista at the farm is getting to know customers over coffee. Small interactions add up and whether I’m learning that their love of flat whites came after a much-needed vacation in New Zealand or hearing what a kiddo learned at camp today over a glass of cold chocolate milk it’s all just fantastic!

AL- When you aren’t at the farm what do you do?
CP- When I’m not at the farm I spend my time working in libraries. And inevitably I spend most of my time in the summer weeding my garden.

AL- Has there ever been a disaster in the Café?
CP- At the beginning of the season there were some pretty strong growing pains with the espresso machine. The boiler would not refill and there was a real danger of overheating the whole machine. But thanks to the diligent efforts of the Cedar Circle Emergency Mechanic, the day was saved and espresso was had by all!

AL- What is your favorite café drink? other CCF item?
CP- When I do have espresso I have a rather overly complicated drink. One glass filled with a double shot of espresso and another glass filled with sweetened foamed milk. It’s that or a tall glass of our Arise Devine Iced Tea, which is so delicious on a hot day. Also, I have a deep fondness for the beautiful plants from the greenhouses. Little flowers and peppers brought home at the end of a shift to be enjoyed in my backyard all summer.

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