Climate-Friendly Farming

Each summer, we experience more and more extreme weather events which sometimes leave us feeling helpless. There is only so much we can do in our daily lives as the threats of climate change press close.

As farmers we feel the differences in the rain and heat acutely. That is why it is central to our mission to focus on farming techniques that are resilient (and even help to mitigate) the effects of extreme weather events and climate change.

This time 20 years ago we were wrapping up our first growing season using organic practices. It would take 2 more years of converting the formerly conventionally grown farmland until we received our organic certification in the spring of 2004. In our Fall 2004 newsletter we celebrated, stating “Organic certification means that when customers buy food from Cedar Circle Farm, or any other certified organic producer, they know their food is safe, healthy, clean and fresh.” From the beginning it has been our goal to research and experiment with new organic growing techniques.

Now in our 20th growing season we are working towards transitioning to farming methods that reduce soil disturbance, such as no-till and complex cover cropping. We aim to move beyond “traditional” organic practices that relied on mechanical tillage to control weeds. We now know that all our practices need to result in less carbon being emitted and more carbon pulled down from the atmosphere (using the magic of photosynthesis which happens only when the soil is covered and has living roots underneath). This is regenerative, organic farming.

By choosing to put your food dollars towards local, regenerative organically grown produce you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the water and soil here in the Upper Valley. Learn how...

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