Slicing a food into very thin strips is known as a chiffonade.

Adding chopped greens to a soup can sometimes equal a pile of greens floating on the top of your soup bowl; not so elegant! Chiffonade is a way to chop greens so they look great and are easier to incorporate in to salads, soups, sautés, and more.

Stack your washed and dried greens on top of each other. Roll them into a tight bundle. Slice across them to yield long thin strips. See step by step photos of how to make a chiffonade cut here.

You can chiffonade your salad greens to get a nice and even mixed-up-salad. Use the cut for sautéd greens like kale, collards, or swiss chard, or do a super-fine chiffonade of herbs, like basil or mint to get them evenly dispersed in your dish.

photos: CCF staff

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