This Week at the Farm: What happens when the growing season ends?

Happy November! The days are getting shorter and any color left on the trees is a shade of bright yellow or brown. Foggy, gray mornings give way to sunnier afternoons, and with Daylight Saving Time ending on Sunday, we’ll be waking up to sunlight for a bit longer.

Soon it will be too cold to run water to the barn, which means our processing area will be shut down and the crew will begin washing produce in the greenhouses. The Hello Café has also closed for the winter, as it also uses this water source. And so the espresso machine will go inside the farmhouse to hibernate until spring.

At this time of the year, there’s less farming, in terms of production, happening day to day and the crew is down to only a few members. They start their days at 9, with the hope that it will be a bit warmer, the farm trucks easier to start, and the greens recovered from the cold night.

Fall cleanup

Believe it or not, this time of the year we grow a variety of greens – kales, lettuce mix, spinach – and the crew spends a portion of their day harvesting and processing.

However, the majority of their time this week has been spent focusing on cleanup. They’re cleaning out the barns, bringing in Reemay from the fields, taking the shade cloths off of the greenhouses, and winterizing equipment. There’s lots to be done to get ready for winter!

Our grounds crew finished putting the gardens to bed – pulling up annuals, cutting back perennials, and raking, which can be quite a daunting task. Have you ever thought to yourself, “is raking is even worth it”? Read about the benefits here and decide for yourself.

Indoor Gardening

If you’re anything like us, you already miss tending to your gardens every day. Luckily, there are a variety of indoor plants you can grow to fill the void.

Amaryllis – available in the farmstand – is a lovely option and, although it won’t bloom for 6-10 weeks, it’s well worth the wait. When kept in a cooler spot and out of direct sunlight, the cut amaryllis flower can last up to two weeks!

Fall eats (and treats)

One of the BEST things about fall is the food. Warm, hearty meals fill you up and warm you to the tips of your toes. Roasted root vegetables provide nutrients (and comfort) during a time when fresh produce is less readily available.

Cider donuts, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, are a delightfully sweet seasonal treat. They’ll be in the farmstand on Saturday mornings starting this weekend.

Pie Pumpkin, a tasty variety of winter squash, is this week’s vegetable of the week. Besides making pie from scratch, here are a couple other ideas:

Now is a great time to stock up – they are 10% off through Sunday!

Thanksgiving Special Orders

Speaking of pumpkin pie, the kitchen is taking special orders for baked goods, sweets, and savory sides for Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner! Place your order in the farmstand or online (click the button below) before noon on Sunday, November 18.


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