Thank you for being a member of our community

As our 20th growing season comes to a close, we would like to celebrate all the wonderful ways you interact with Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center. This year we hosted 194 summer campers over 10 weeks of summer camp, created flower arrangements for 46 weddings, and had 400 CSA members. Did we see you in the strawberry field? At a workshop? Or grabbing coffee from the Hello Café? Whether you stopped by once this season or every week, we are glad you visited!

Each year we strive to become more of a community gathering space where you, your children, and neighbors can connect with the land, nutritious food, and each other. As we look towards 2022, we are planning another exciting season of summer camp, new vegetable offerings, adult education workshops and even more kitchen goodies. We can’t wait to see you on May 1st!

In the meantime, have a safe and happy winter, from all of us at Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center!

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