Summer Camp on the Farm

We believe that “students are the most engaged and learn best when their inquisitiveness and hands-on experiences are encouraged and empowered.” Informed by the philosophy of Experiential Learning, we encourage inquiry and hands-on exploration, followed by reflection, in all of our education programs.

Since 2015 we have held our Homeschool and Little Farmers programs and the following year was the start of our summer camp for children ages 6 to 11.
Campers explore the landscape of the farm and surrounding ecosystem by harvesting in the fields, working in the Education Garden, and taste-testing lots of vegetables and berries. We are lucky to be located on the banks of the Connecticut River where campers can do macro-invertebrate scoops to search for indicator species, using their findings to determine water quality.

This summer we were grateful to be able to host our summer camp once again.

Every Wednesday, the campers troop down to the river edge for a high-stakes game of Predator vs. Prey. This popular activity involves splitting into groups of Mice, Snakes, Minks and Hawks. If you happen to come across a group higher up on the food chain than you, a game of tag ensues.

Food-making is a large component of our camp experience. Over the course of the season campers have made pesto, zucchini muffins, baba ganoush, and more. Every Thursday, we make stone soup! This all camp activity requires campers to go out to the fields to harvest a vegetable to contribute to the pot.

On Friday, camp ends with tie dyeing, tractor wagon rides and ice-cream making to celebrate the week!

Scenes from Summer Camp

Scooping invertebrates on the banks of the Connecticut River
Camp Counselors Julia, Sarah and Stephanie rocking matching fits!
Sit Spot (quiet time for journaling and contemplation) in the Apple Orchard
Harvesting Kale for Stone Soup
Painting bricks to decorate the Education Garden
Picking flowers in the field

Notable 2021 Camp Group Names

The Followers of Mighty Steve

Ni’s Neon Ninja Chickens

Squirmy Wormy Pickle Squad

Rockin’ Robins

Honeydew Heroes

Tie Dyed Tigers

Maple Minotaurs

Silly Squirrels

The Apple Trees

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