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Did you know that the Community Supported Agriculture movement in the United States was born in this region? Temple Wilton Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire and Indian Line Farm in South Egremont, Massachusetts are both credited with developing the beginnings of the CSA model here in the U.S. in the late 1980s.

The idea of communities coming together to purchase directly from a farmer is both a very old and very new concept. Before the rise of the industrial revolution, most households grew their own food or purchased directly from the farmer at market. As the food chain got longer and food businesses got bigger, the middlemen multiplied, and the provenance of our food was obscured.

The postwar explosion of large-scale industrial agriculture, combined with the burgeoning environmental movement, led to a rise in consumer concerns about pesticide usage, antibiotic usage, and the degradation of farmland. In the late 1970s community farm initiatives began to take shape in Japan and Chile to support small sustainable farms.

At its core, Community Supported Agriculture connects the farmer and consumer in a mutually beneficial partnership. As farmers, our CSA gives us much needed financial security and allows us to focus our energy on farming in the way that is best for our land, our employees, and our community. As a CSA member, our farm becomes your farm. Enjoy the bounty of fresh, organic vegetables, eat with the seasons, support your local economy, and become an integral part of our community. Become a 2021 CSA member today!

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