Friday Night Dinner: A Twist on CSA

Our kitchen takes what we grow on the farm and, using organic and/or locally-sourced ingredients, transforms it into wonderfully delicious food products – baked goods, salads, soups, pestos… anything you can think of!

We started the Fall Friday Night Dinner Share, a prepared food CSA, a few years ago to highlight the delicious ways you can use our farm-grown, organic produce. On top of being a nourishing (and convenient!) meal at the end of the week, it’s also an adventurous way to support a local farm!

What’s in a weekly share? The meals – an appetizer, main course, a side or vegetable, a dessert, and often a bread – are made fresh, using produce either fresh from the field or processed earlier in the season.

Each menu’s theme is a different country of origin, with dishes and flavor profiles characteristic of the area. Last fall, for example, the Southwestern themed menu included stuffed peppers, cornbread with jalapenos, a cabbage and celeriac slaw with cilantro pesto, and pumpkin chocolate brownies.

Theo loves to cook everything imaginable, and she knows how to get creative! Two of the weeks this fall, she’s planning to expand on what our Cooking for Middle Schoolers class made (Asian and Mediterranean dishes) in the Junior Iron Chef Vermont competition in March.

Dietary restrictions We can accommodate most dietary restrictions! It’s helpful to know the nature of the allergy or restriction, or whether it’s just a preference. The meals are not planned around restrictions, so Theo will replace a dish for those who have sensitivities, if necessary.

What’s new in 2018? We’re hoping to have more shares available (no waitlist!). Meals will be solely vegetarian. And there will be NO pickup the week of Thanksgiving.

Certain dishes, if there are leftovers after the shares are picked up, will make an appearance in the Farmstand on the weekends. Nothing can replace 9 weeks of the Friday Night Dinner Share experience, but if you don’t sign up, you may still be able to get a little taste!

Read about the dinner share and sign up here.

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