Deer Resistant Plants

Oh deer….It happens to the best of us. Adorable little Bambi creeps out every spring and fills up on the tender shoots and leaves of our favorite plants.

Even though we sell a number of perennials that are “deer resistant”, deer will eat anything if they are hungry enough. It can be helpful to use bird netting early in the spring, until more of the deer’s natural food source becomes available. Another good strategy is placing plants that deer are more attracted to closer to your home, while placing deer-resistant shrubs on the outskirts of your property.

Deer feel more comfortable when they have cover from predators. In general, try to keep dense areas trimmed and your landscape maintained. Most deer are also repelled by strong scented plants like lavender, catmint, garlic and chives. Try integrating some into your gardens – they can be a nice addition!

Interested in learning more? The Grower’s Library at Johnny’s Selected Seeds may have the information you’re looking for.

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