Calendula Seed Saving

Not only can you save seeds from your vegetable plants, you can also do the same with flowers. Many flowers produce prolific and quick to dry seeds making the seed saving process super simple. To learn more about the process of Saving Seeds visit our tip. Calendula are beautiful sunny flowers. If you dead-head them throughout the summer, they will produce a prolific amount of orange blossoms.

Saving the Seed

  1. To save seeds, choose a couple of your favorite flowers of the bunch and allow their flowers to go past.
  2. Continue to observe and allow the seed head to dry. At this point, some of the seeds may fall to the ground, but don’t worry, you will have plenty of seeds!
  3. When the seed head is dry, simply hold a bag under the plant while you run your hand over the plant, gently removing the seeds from the head. If the seeds do not fall easily, they are not yet ready to be harvested.

Store the seeds in a cool, dry, dark place. Plant next year for more gorgeous orange blossoms!

Interested in learning more? The Grower’s Library at Johnny’s Selected Seeds may have the information you’re looking for.

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