Support Your Local Farm on CSA Day

Between growing seasons, farmers are busy planning and making investments in preparation for the upcoming year. It’s a time when cash flow is virtually nonexistent. At Cedar Circle Farm, our main sources of income are seasonal; during the off season, we are ordering seeds and materials, making repairs, and paying staff.

This is where CSA, or community supported agriculture, comes in. Traditionally, a person pays for a season’s worth of produce (a CSA membership) months in advance, receiving a box of fruits and vegetables throughout the harvesting season.

Our CSA members buy a debit-style card that has a built-in 10% discount; the higher-value Produce Plus Cards come with bonuses, including an additional discount at the register on all Cedar Circle Farm produce through the end of the calendar year.

Because you make a seasonal commitment to your farmer, CSA is different from just going to a weekly farmers’ market. Members take pleasure in connecting to the place where their food is grown, learning to appreciate and eating what’s in season throughout the year.

It’s important for farms to get signups for their CSA between seasons because they need the revenue the most during this time. Fortunately, winter is a great time for people to join – make the investment now, and it’ll feel like you’re getting free veggies for the rest of the year!

Small Farm Central reports that the end of February is the most popular time to sign up for a CSA. In 2015, the organization coined CSA Day to celebrate local agriculture among CSA members and farmers.

On the last Friday of February, sign up for a CSA and join other like-minded people around the country who are committed to healthy eating, supporting local farms, being kind to our planet, and getting creative in the kitchen.

Help spread the word by posting about CSA Day on social media:
Cedar Circle Farm is celebrating National CSA Sign-up Day. Join me in supporting a local farm: #CSAday

As always, we are very grateful for your support. We look forward to sharing another bountiful harvest with our community.

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