New Horizons for Cedar Circle

As Cedar Circle Farm continues into its 19th year, we are embarking on a new and exciting era. The farm has, in essence, grown up here in East Thetford. We have a thriving business and an extensive educational program, both with great community support. We’ve also been able to engage in some hopeful new research in our fields that we think will result in techniques that serve to dramatically enhance soil and food quality. The more life in the soil, the more carbon that can be drawn down from the atmosphere where it is causing chaos in the climate. These soil-enhancing methods, called regenerative farming, will also cut down on fuel use, labor and make the fields and crops more drought resistant.

Since we started this iteration of Cedar Circle farm in 2001, we have been supported by the Boston-based foundation that actually owns the farm. Without them, we would not have been able to conduct educational and outreach programs over the years or engage in this extensive research initiative. This year, we will begin the process transitioning the farm to becoming its own non-profit organization. It will be even more community based with a local Board of Directors.

Our own Eric Tadlock will become the new Executive Director of the non-profit Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center. Founders Kate Duesterberg & Will Allen will assist with the transition in advisory roles. But, the leadership will rest in the hands of the next generation of Cedar Circle’s committed and capable staff. “We are delighted with this transition process.” stated Kate Duesterberg. “Eric has the skills, experience, and passion necessary to take the farm into the future. Since he joined our staff almost 4 years ago, he has expanded the educational programs that serve our community in so many ways. We are gratified that the new leadership is coming from our own staff who already know so well the farm, the crew, and our customers.”

Eric’s background includes development and management of education programs at non-profit farms in Maine and New Jersey, before moving to Vermont. As a college student and young educator, Eric lived and worked at camps and schools in Vermont and is thrilled to continue to develop roots in the Upper Valley. “I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to lead the farm into this next phase of our development and I’m eager to work together with our management team, our staff and especially our community.”

Nic Cook, who has been with the farm for 17 years will also have a leadership role in helping to oversee the transition to a farming system focused on ever healthier soils and crops. Co-founder Will Allen says, “We think our renewed commitment to regenerative farming just makes sense. We are seeing incredible changes in weather patterns caused by industrial agriculture and we really can’t do anything else but try to fix it. Regenerative farming focused on building soil life and quality can make a huge difference in the overall goal of carbon drawdown. Our staff is dedicated and excited to be a part of this hopeful solution.”

We will look forward to sharing more news about developments as we get closer to the opening of our 2019 season and beyond.

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