Muriel Horvath

Annual & Perennial Department Lead

Muriel Horvath is an artist raised in the Upper Valley. She has always been interested in and curious about the workings of the ecosystems around her, and has used art to deepen her understanding and make sense of all that she learns. Recently, she graduated from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts with degrees in studio art and environmental studies, concentrating in environmental humanities.

Her artistic practice is centered around ecology and communication, and much of her work is created through collaboration between herself and many other organisms. She is passionate about learning from and with the land and finding respectful and intimate ways of communing with the species of this planet.

Muriel has an abundance of experience coaxing growth from soil and seeds and caring for plants. After completing her undergraduate degrees in 2022, she found her way to Cedar Circle to continue exploring the joys of growing, getting dirty, and working with her hands. On the farm, she works as the Annual & Perennial Department Lead, tending to the cut flower garden and greenhouse plants. She also enjoys running workshops that combine art and creativity with farming and sustainability.

What she loves most about working at Cedar Circle is getting to experience so many of her interests in one job while spending time with so many creative and thoughtful people. She is delighted by the opportunity to learn more each and every day on the farm and thankful to be able to work with and learn from Kestrel!

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