Kestrel Coon

Annual & Perennial Department Manager

Kestrel grew up locally in a family that integrated collaborating on daily tasks with outside exploration. She still loves all things involving collaboration, moving her body, and being outside.

She studied English and Minority Studies with a concentration in Plant Science at Cornell University and has spent a lot of time thinking (and writing) about the relationship between and within humans and nature.

Kestrel views food as whole being nourishment and eventually became interested in being able to grow it. This led to exploration of food, food systems, and how to incorporate “nourishment” into the process of growing to better regenerate and steward land.

She is now in her tenth year of farming having gotten to experience over five farms in three different states from 200 acre production farms to one acre university market gardens. Kestrel has gotten to work in various roles from field crew to greenhouse, wholesale, farmstand, cut flower production and vegetable production management.

Throughout farming Kestrel has consistently returned to the joy that flowers and flower production bring. Most winters she found herself working in education from preschool to highschool. She is truly overjoyed to work where flowers, farming, and education are intertwined and co-mingle with overarching holistic, regenerative values.

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