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Food Politics

As Big Food gains more power and abuses that power regularly, issues of food politics become more important than ever. We engage in locally and nationally in issues involving agriculture through writing, education, and by taking an active role in advocating for a more sustainable food system.

Climate Change

Learn more about the strong role agriculture plays in climate change. More . . .

GMO Food

Learn more about our work to educate the public about the environmental and human health dangers of genetically engineered food and why we joined the coalition to get them labeled in Vermont. More . . .

Pesticide Residues

As organic farmers we understand the dangers that pesticides pose to the environment and to the health of people and soil life. More . . .

Will Allen

Cedar Circle Farm’s Co-Managers Kate Duesterberg and Will Allen have co-written a wealth of essays, letters, articles, and Will’s book The War On Bugs. More . . .

photos: CCF staff