Summer Science

​Cost: $20/class

This collection of single-session classes is meant for students who are interested in exploring farm-based education without committing to an entire series.

Cover Crop Experimentation

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
1 to 3 pm

Embrace your inner scientist and join the staff at Cedar Circle Farm for an afternoon of experimenting with wildflowers and cover crops. Investigate the energy needs of flowering plants and how they redirect resources to grow or reproduce depending on environmental conditions. Conclude the afternoon with a discussion of how these processes can be applied to broader farming concepts such as roll down cover cropping. Students will engage in hypothesis-forming, experimental design, and execution of a scientific experiment. Effectively sharing observations with the bigger group will prompt further discussion about plant reproduction and resource management in agricultural systems. This lesson is recommended for students aged 12-14.

Flower Power

Thursday, June 28, 2018
10 am to 12 pm

This class is an adventure from root to petal as students explore the anatomy of flowers and their invaluable role in vegetable and fruit farming. Join the education staff at Cedar Circle Farm in an investigation of flower anatomy, regional wildflowers, and botanical arts including flower pressing and illustration. Join us as we celebrate our biological bounty in this two hour lesson designed for students aged 6-11.

Chemistry in the Kitchen: The Biology of Bread

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
1 to 3 pm

Roll up your sleeves and tie on that apron, because flour is about to fly! Spend an afternoon in the lab–I mean the kitchen, as we explore the science behind the art of bread baking. Our educators will lead students in a bread baking demonstration and discussion of the chemical and biological processes that create those crunchy crusts, scrumptious slices, and tasty toasts. Learn about the science behind the yeast that rise to the occasion every time a baker mixes their dough, the gluten that builds airy loaves, and the sourdough starters that are organisms unto themselves. This class is best suited for students aged 6-11.

About the Program

Our farm is an incredible outdoor classroom with out production fields, forested areas, orchard, and riparian area along the Connecticut River.

Together with our highly-qualified instructors, students share the experience of exploring, discovering, and learning the concepts together in order to gain a deeper, scientific understanding of agriculture and ecology. Our approach utilizes hands-on activities, inquiry-based investigations, games, and experiments.