Buckets of Blooms

Want local flowers for your event but don’t have time to cut your own? Unsure of how to find that perfect blend of thrillers and fillers?

We’ve got you covered!

How it works

  • Contact Michelle to discuss your color scheme and dates and to check on seasonal availability of flowers.
  • Our experienced flower staff picks the flowers for you, creating a beautiful mix of organic, seasonal blooms based on your color requests and vision.
  • Pick up your buckets of flowers, take them home or to your venue, and create beautiful arrangements for your party or event!


(A five-gallon bucket holds about 4–5 lbs of flowers so price per bucket will vary based on variety.)

Most flowers and herbs — $19.50 per lb
Large Sunflowers, Broom Corn, Tall Amaranth — $5.50 per lb
Gladiolus — $7.50 per lb
Lisianthus — $46 per lb

We charge a refundable bucket deposit fee of $5, or please feel free to bring your own buckets to transfer the flowers into!