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Our retail greenhouses offer a wide variety of plants for your home landscaping, indoor decor, and vegetable garden needs. Since we are a small operation we cannot possibly start all of our plants from seed. We rely on wholesale growers to provide most of our perennials and herbs and all of our annuals. These plants arrive as plugs (like the rosemary shown above) and are then repotted into larger containers to sell. The rest of our vegetable starts, perennials and cut flowers are started from seed in our greenhouses.

We source from wholesale growers that share our values and refuse the use of neonicotinoids (a class of insecticides that have been linked to pollinator die-offs) and use Integrated Pest Management (as we do) for their first line of defense against aphids and other harmful insects.

All of our vegetables and herbs, regardless of whether they were started from seed or transplanted, are certified organic. The landscape annuals are not certified organic but they are grown using organic methods

We often get questions about the Proven Winners annuals. There is a misconception that these plants are treated. Proven Winners is simply the company that has developed these varieties and owns the rights to the genetics.

Our experienced staff is always on hand to answer any questions you may have as you shop. We are so excited to welcome you back to the greenhouses next week!

Plants By Location:

Greenhouse #1
Sun Loving Annuals, Sun Hanging Baskets, Succulents

Greenhouse #2
Shade Loving Annuals, Shade Hanging Baskets, Tropical Plants

Greenhouse #3
Vegetable Starts, Basil, Herbs
(Outside Greenhouse 3 are “hardened off” vegetable starts and herbs)

Shade Area Outside
Shade Loving Perennials

Outside on the Ground
Sun Loving Perennials

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